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NextJs 14 boilerplate to build sleek and modern SaaS


In today’s digital landscape, an outdated website isn’t just inconvenient—it’s a liability. Crafting a modern, high-performing site can feel overwhelming, leaving developers stuck in the past.

Say goodbye to outdated aesthetics. Enter 31SaaS, the Next.js 14 boilerplate engineered for sleek design and modern technology, streamlining top-tier SaaS development. With it, you can go from concept to launch in days, not months.

Harness its comprehensive stack: TanStack React Query, Resend, Appwrite, Stripe, Shadcn UI + Radix UI, and Content Layer—empowering you to build high-performing SaaS solutions.

From dynamic MDX-based Blogs to robust authentication and payment processing, its essential features make your SaaS dreams a reality. And with strict TypeScript ensuring code integrity, enabling the construction of enterprise-grade applications, alongside enhanced security measures like parallel routes and secure routes, plus SEO optimization, it is not just streamlining development—it is fortifying it for maximum productivity.

Don’t let complexities hold you back. With 31SaaS, bring your vision to life quickly and efficiently. 31SaaS has everything you need to build a working SaaS, not MVP.

Key Features of 31SaaS

Implemented robust authentication mechanisms to safeguard user data and ensure secure API calls.
– User authentication with Appwrite database
– Secure route from client-side and server-side operations
– Generate JWTs to authenticate server API calls

Streamline payment processing with Stripe.
– Create checkout sessions
– Manage Stripe’s billing
– Webhook integration to update user’s purchase

Flexibly manage your data with Appwrite
– Integrated with Appwrite for database management
– Integrated with TanStack React query to ensure query stability
– Swap with your favorite database if you wish

Integrated with Resend.
– Send transactional emails
– Configure domain to avoid spam folder (DKIM, DMARC, SPF in subdomain)

Utilized Content Layer to create and manage blog posts.
– Write blogs in MDX format
– Lightweight content SDK to validate content

SEO optimization.
– Sitemap generator
– robots.txt generator
– OpenGraph tags handling
– SEO metadata centralized configuration
– JSON-LD script for Rich Snippets

Visually appealing UI components and responsive design.
– Install, copy paste, and customize from Shadcn UI library
– Customize with Tailwind CSS
– Embedded Dark mode
– Mobile responsive

Pre-built samples for efficient web development.
– Sample CRUD page
– Sample landing page sections included
– Sample subscriber page with form collection integrated with database
– Custom not found page
– Segmented access with parallel route setup

Built a secure foundation for your application.
– Sample privacy policy and T&C pages
– Vercel Analytics integrated for insightful data
– Zod validation on every form submission
– Strict TypeScript to build enterprise-ready product
– Next.js App Router to segregate server and client components

31SaaS Pricing Info

$129 for lifetime access and updates.

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