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Astro + Strapi Starter Kit

Ship your SaaS, blog, or content websites faster 🚀


Build and launch your SaaS or content-driven website in days and start a profitable business with this Astro + Strapi starter kit.

Why Astro?
With faster speeds than Next.js and better SEO than React, Astro lets you mix and match various frontend frameworks for interactivity, such as React, Vue, Svelte, Solid.js, etc.

Why Strapi?
Strapi not only lets you host your backend on a platform of your choice (unlike Firebase), it also comes with a CMS for content management. And it’s much easier to self-host than Supabase.

Key Features of Astro + Strapi Starter Kit

– Authentication
– Payments
– Blog (Strapi CMS or Astro Content Collections, your choice)
– Admin Panel
– Emails
– Dark Mode
– Tailwind CSS

Astro + Strapi Starter Kit Pricing Info

$199 for unlimited projects

Check it out

Check out Astro + Strapi Starter Kit