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A SaaS Starter Kit
Starting the development of your SaaS doesn’t have to be cumbersome, spending time setting up payment gateways, or creating the necessary functions for teams, multi workspaces. With our starter kit, you’re already saving almost 72 hours of development time from the get-go. You’ll focus from the beginning on only developing the necessary functions of your idea, focus on what’s needed, and launch faster.

Key Features of BuildSaasHub

Multi organization/workspace
Subscription Stripe
Magic link Auth
NextJs 14 (Server component, Clients component)
Tailwind css

BuildSaasHub Pricing Info

After purchase, you’ll be able to download the project. Inside, you’ll find a README file with instructions to start building your SaaS. Thank you for your support, and may your business grow rapidly. Wishing you the best of luck!

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