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The Ultimate SaaS Starter Kit


We’ve noticed we kept doing the same things over and over again while building SaaS apps from scratch. So we thought, why not streamline the process?

Codepilot is the ultimate comprehensive SaaS boilerplate designed to help developers launch applications faster by providing a pre-configured foundation, best coding practices, and customizable features.

Key Features of Codepilot


💰 Payments
🔒 User Authentication
📩 Emails
🛠️ Database
🚀 SaaS Landing Page
✍️ Full-Featured Blogging
👩‍💼 Admin Dashboard
👤 User Dashboard
📬 Newsletter
✨ AI Integration
🔍 SEO Optimized
⚡️ Engaging Animations
🔃 Lifetime Free Updates
🙌 Dedicated Support

… and much more

Codepilot Pricing Info

One-Time Payment

Starter: $99 (from $199)
Full-fledged: $129 (from $259)

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