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Full Stack Seed

Full Stack Seed is the combination of a prebuilt code foundation, a talented team, and product consulting. Our unique offering takes you from start, to MVP, to product market fit, and on to scale.


We allow SaaS startups to create an instant solid foundation so they can get to market and scale quickly with quality.

Our platform is based on years of projects and refinement to include the best technologies, best practices, and clean development paths it also comes with the partnership of a seasoned startup CTO to help navigate technical and non-technical challenges.

– Foundation: Benefit from a codebase refined through years of experience.
– Proven Development Patterns: Core patterns for front and backend development, offering a solid start and seamless cloud integration.
– Feature-Rich Jumpstart: Begin with a set of essential features to hit the ground running.

– Silicon Valley Leadership: Get guidance from top industry experts.
– Cost-Effective Nearshore Model: High-quality talent at competitive prices.
– Comprehensive Services: From design and development to deployment and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

– Expert Consulting: Development, management, and product guidance from deep experience with startup and enterprise.
– Focused on Your Success: We help you achieve product-market fit and prepare for investor discussions.

Key Features of Full Stack Seed

Full Stack Seed can build your entire MVP, we can work with you, or just get you started with the starter codebase and let you do the rest.

The codebase is customized and deployed in a day to the cloud and ready to scale with DevOps.
It comes out of the box with user signin/signup flow, profile images, file upload/scaling, customizable responsive design, and well established patterns for building pages and components.

FSS balances being a platform for a serious development team to start and scale a large SaaS business with being an efficient clean start to a new SaaS project.


A highly productive backend framework and market leader for Java API development. Spring Boot simplifies application development while providing common components to do virtually anything.
Kotlin is a Java compatible programming language that is highly productive, beautiful, concise, safe, and pragmatic. Kotlin is rapidly being adopted by the industry as an alternative to Java.
Postgres is one of the most advanced and loved open source databases, known for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

– VUE 3
Vue is a popular frontend framework favored for simplicity and performance as a project scales.
TypeScript is a language which builds on JavaScript with greater clarity and safety.
The world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites, with theming. Now with more utility classes for development similar to Tailwind CSS

Kubernetes is the most common tool for deploying applications built with Docker to the cloud. By starting with Kubernetes Full Stack Seed applications may be deployed to any cloud and scale with little work.
Docker is the industry standard for packaging applications for deployment. It creates a consistent container with an application’s environment so that it runs the same on any machine.
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment automates building, testing, and deploying code whenever it changes. This advanced practice accelerates development by catching problems before merging and getting changes validated by users early.

Full Stack Seed Pricing Info

Pricing for our SaaS development services starts with a discovery call. This conversation is critical to give you cost information that fits your project’s scope.

Why Our Lifetime Costs Are Low:
– Solid Architecture: We build with scalability in mind from the start, using industry best practices that save you future headaches and costs related to scaling up.
– Modern UI: We provide a clean, adaptable user interface out of the gate, which cuts down on the time and money spent on design.
– Lean Startup Focus: Our process is data-driven, targeting user experience improvements that directly impact customer satisfaction without unnecessary features bloating the project.

Cost Reduction Strategies:
– Efficient Development: Our core code template accelerates development, which translates to fewer billable hours.
– Smart Staffing: Because our patterns are well-established, we can lean on mid-level developers more than teams that require constant senior dev input, optimizing labor costs.
– Refined Processes: We’ve honed our development processes for maximum efficiency, ensuring you’re not paying for wasted time.

Next Steps: Reach out for that discovery call.

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