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SaaS toolkit for everyone, Ship in days.


SaaS Starter Kit to launch your end-to-end apps in days, not weeks.

Indiespace is a cool, Next.js-powered platform that helps you kickstart your SaaS project with customizable pages, lots of tools, and easy integrations. It’s all about getting your idea off the ground fast, you could be up and running in just a week! Already, 200+ founders have jumped in.

Curious? Check it out at Indiespace. its just $39 “THATS INSANE“

Key Features of IndieSpace

– SaaS Boilerplate.
– Waitlist Pages.
– Landing Pages.
– User Dashboard & Setting.
– SEO Setup.
– Stripe Integration.
– Transactional Emails.
– Magic Link & Oauth Authentication.
– Database Setup.
– Lifetime Updates.
– Features by Request.
– Discord Community.

IndieSpace Pricing Info

– Starter Subscription ($39)
– Premium Subscription ($49)

Check it out

Check out IndieSpace