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The ultimate SaaS starter kit designed for developers.


Built with PHP in Symfony and featuring Stripe payment integration, this toolkit includes powerful frontend libraries like Tailwind CSS, Flowbite, Bootstrap, and more.
Everything you need to launch your project with confidence!

Key Features of Kitto

Kitto integrates cutting-edge technologies such as Tailwind CSS and Flowbite, enhanced by the robust features of Bootstrap and jQuery for an optimal user experience.
A complete starter kit for PHP 8.2 using Symfony 7. It also includes an administrator backoffice built on the EasyAdmin bundle, offering a ready-to-use and customizable admin interface.
Supports Stripe as a subscription gateway, enabling recurring payments, flexible per-user pricing, and much more, simplifying financial management.
Includes a ready-to-use Docker configuration, making it easy to deploy and run your project locally or in any other environment of your choice.

Kitto Pricing Info

Priced at €199 for unlimited projects.

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