AI SaaS NextJS Boilerplate is a NextJS AI SaaS Boilerplate which helps you ship AI SaaS Apps super fast!

Ship Text, Image, Chat and Voice based AI Apps within minutes using BuilderKit!

Key Features

‘- Ready to deploy 10+ Production-ready AI Apps such as Chat with PDF, Multi LLM ChatGPT, Content Writer Tool, Image Generator Tool and many more
– 10+ Customisable Landing Pages
– Waitlist and Auth Pages
– Supabase
– Auth (GAuth, Magic Link
– Payments (Stripe, lemon Squeezy)
– Emails (Loops, Resend)
– Customer Support (Crisp)
– Admin Dashboard
– Analytics
– SEO Optimisations
– ToS, Privacy Policy
– AI Modules
– Documentation & Tutorials

Pricing Info

BuilderKit Starter – $49 (After $100 Off)
BuilderKit Pro – $99 (After $100 Off)

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