Just Launch It

Launch your startup now.

A fully-loaded SvelteKit boilerplate to rapidly build and launch your unicorn SaaS, AI or web startup so you can get to market faster.

Move fast and break things
Skip the boring stuff and get straight to building your product. Just Launch It exists to help entrepreneurs, small and large, validate their ideas and start earning $$$ faster.

Key Features

‘- Database (Turso – SQLite)
– ORM (Drizzle)
– Emails (Resend + Svelte Email)
– Payments (Stripe – subscription, one-time payments + webhooks)
– Authentication (email/password, Google OAuth)
– SEO tags
– shadcn/ui via shadcn-svelte (Huntabyte port)
– OpenAI SDK for GPT access
– TailwindCSS
– Components

Pricing Info

Pay once, use forever.
$169 USD for all features as a one time access.
$199 USD for all features + future updates.

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