SaaS Rock

Rock-solid Remix boilerplate to build your MVP with +25 built-in SaaS features: Auth, Admin portal, App dashboard, Stripe Subscriptions, Workflows, Blog, Knowledge Base, Entity Builder (auto-generated CRUD and API), Events, Email Marketing, Page Blocks, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, and more.

SaaS Rock is a comprehensive SaaS boilerplate that offers users an all-in-one solution for quickly building out their applications. With more than 25 built-in features, SaaS Rock is designed to streamline the development process and provide users with the features they need to get their applications up and running quickly and smoothly.

The platform includes an Admin Portal and App Portal, making it easy for users to manage both the back-end and front-end of their applications. SaasRock also offers built-in authentication and subscription management, as well as blogging and audit trails for increased transparency and accountability.

Other features include the Entity Builder, API and API keys or JWT, roles and permissions management, multi-language support, and full-stack routes. Users also have access to CRM tools, events and webhooks, analytics, email marketing, page block builders, notifications, and onboarding features.

SaasRock is built using a first-class tech stack that includes Remix, React, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma. This powerful combination of tools and resources makes SaasRock an ideal solution for developers and businesses looking to quickly build and deploy their SaaS applications.

Stack: Remix, Tailwind CSS, Vite, and Prisma.

SaasRock features are structured into 3 main sections:

– App Portal
– Subscriptions (Stripe) + Feature Limits
– Workflows
– Notifications (Novu)
– Entity Builder (auto-generated CRUD + API)

– Marketing Pages
– Blogging
– Analytics
– Knowledge Base
– Email Marketing (Postmark)
– Page Block Builder
– SEO Optimized

– Admin Dashboard
– Accounts and Users
– Roles and Permissions
– API (Swagger and Postman support)
– Metrics + Cache
– Events + Audit Trails
– Onboarding + Feature Flags

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