Next.js SaaS Boilerplate

Discover, the comprehensive Next.js boilerplate crafted to empower developers in launching SaaS applications with unmatched speed and efficiency. Designed for solo developers, startups, and development agencies alike, provides a robust foundation to accelerate your development process and bring your ideas to life.

Core Features
• User Authentication: Implement secure login, registration, password recovery, and social login functionalities with ease.
• Subscription & Billing Management: Seamlessly integrate with Stripe, Paddle, or LemonSqueezy to handle subscriptions and payments, supporting multiple pricing plans.
• Comprehensive Localization: Built-in support for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) to cater to a global audience.
• Theme Customization: Offer a seamless user experience with built-in light and dark mode options.
• Admin Dashboard: Manage users, subscriptions, and key app settings through a powerful admin interface.
• Marketing Page Template: Ready-to-use template for creating captivating landing pages to convert visitors into customers.
• Email Integration: Effortlessly manage transactional and marketing emails, keeping users engaged and informed.
• Enhanced Security: Adhere to best security practices to safeguard your application and user data.
• Modular and Extendable: Designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy customization and expansion.

• Time and Cost Efficiency: Skip the foundational setup and dive straight into building unique features, saving both time and development costs.
• Rapid Deployment: Get your SaaS application up and running in record time, accelerating your go-to-market strategy.
• Scalable Architecture: Built with scalability and reliability at its core, ensures your application grows seamlessly with your business.
• Developer-Friendly: With clean, well-documented code and a modular structure, developers can easily navigate and extend the boilerplate.
• Focus on Innovation: Free up your resources to concentrate on creating unique, value-adding features rather than reinventing the wheel.

• Unmatched Flexibility: Unlike other boilerplates that restrict you to specific vendors or tech stacks, offers unparalleled flexibility and customization.
• Community Support: Join a vibrant community of developers and gain access to dedicated support, ensuring you have help when you need it.
• Proven Success: Trusted by developers around the globe, has been the backbone of numerous successful SaaS projects.

Technologies We Use
• Next.js: The leading React framework for building fast, scalable web applications.
• tRPC: Provides type-safe APIs, ensuring robust and maintainable code.
• Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework that streamlines UI development.
• shadcn/ui: Pre-built, stylish components for quick and accessible UI design.
• next-intl: Comprehensive support for internationalization in Next.js apps.
• Prisma: Modern database toolkit for intuitive and efficient database management.

How Stands Out
• Seamless Integration: Easily adaptable to various tools and technologies, offers a vendor-neutral approach.
• Speed and Efficiency: Accelerate your development timeline and reduce costs with pre-built, high-quality features.
• Comprehensive Documentation: Benefit from extensive documentation and a supportive community to guide you through your development journey.

Revolutionize your SaaS development process with Focus on innovation, deliver top-notch user experiences, and scale your business effortlessly. Get started with today and experience the power of a truly versatile boilerplate.

Key Features

• Seamless Authentication: Secure user login and registration system, complete with password reset functionality and social login options.
• Subscription Management: Integrate easily with Stripe, Paddle, or LemonSqueezy to handle subscriptions and billing, offering flexible pricing tiers and payment methods.
• Full Localization Support: Comprehensive internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) features, enabling you to reach a global audience with ease.
• Light/Dark Mode Support: Enhance user experience with customizable light and dark themes.
• Integrated Admin Dashboard: Manage users, subscriptions, and other critical aspects of your application through a powerful and intuitive admin interface.
• Marketing Page: Built-in templates to showcase your product, including a customizable landing page to attract and convert visitors.
• Email Communication: Seamlessly integrate with email providers to handle transactional and marketing emails, ensuring your users are always informed.
• Robust Security: Implement industry-standard security practices to protect your data and users.
• Extendable and Modular Architecture: Built with flexibility in mind, allows you to easily add new features and customize existing ones without hassle.

Pricing Info

$399/One-time payment/per seat

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