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Open SaaS

free, open-source, SaaS template for React + NodeJS


A free, open-source, full-featured SaaS starter built with React, NodeJS, Prisma, React-Query, and Wasp.

Key Features of Open SaaS

– 🔐 Authentication (email verified, social)
– 📩 Emailing (sendgrid, emailgun, or smtp)
– 📈 Admin Dashboard (plausible or google analytics)
– 🤑 Stripe payments
– ⌨️ End-to-end Typesafety
– 🎨 Styled w/ Tailwind CSS
– 🤖 OpenAI integrated w/ AI-powered example apps
– 📖 Blog w/ Astro’s Starlight template
– 🚀 Deploy anywhere, or use one-command to deploy the entire app to
– 📄 Full Documentation and Community Discord support

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