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React Native Boilerplate

Ship your mobile apps fast with the React Native boilerplate 🚀


LaunchToday revolutionizes mobile app development with its feature-rich React Native and Expo boilerplate, specifically crafted for startups, indie developers, and digital creators. This robust platform accelerates the development timeline, enabling users to implement essential features such as authentication and data handling via Supabase, seamless payments and subscriptions through Stripe and RevenueCat, real-time alerts with Sentry and analytics with Aptabase all without the usual setup hassles.

The boilerplate emphasizes quick, efficient deployment, allowing developers to focus on delivering quality user experiences. It’s complemented by focused documentation and community support, ensuring a smooth setup and continuous learning. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces development time, making it an invaluable asset for fast-paced app launches.

With a one-time fee of $99, LaunchToday offers lifetime access to a suite of integrations. By choosing LaunchToday, developers are not just buying a product; they’re investing in a streamlined journey from concept to launch, ensuring their app is not only built efficiently but is also robust and market-ready.

Key Features of React Native Boilerplate

The boilerplate ships with the following features:
– authentication and data handling with Supabase
– payments, in-app purchases and subscriptions with Stripe and RevenueCat
– real-time alerting with Sentry
– analytics with Aptabase
– push notifications with Firebase and Apple Push Notification Server

React Native Boilerplate Pricing Info

Some example use cases for LaunchToday might include a startup looking to quickly prototype and test a new mobile app concept, a solo entrepreneur needing to rapidly deploy a service app with integrated payments, or a small agency aiming to deliver custom client projects efficiently with a robust set of pre-built functionalities. It’s also ideal for educational purposes where students or new developers can learn and experiment with a comprehensive, real-world toolkit.

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