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RunApp.Today: Nextjs WebApp boilerplate

A comprehensive starter kit to launch your AI WebApp MVP in a day


RunApp.Today boilerplate’s purpose is to launch MVP of your web app within 24 hours. It’s especially effective for AI-powered apps.

Often, we can start right now but delay indefinitely. I’m the same, so I created this boilerplate to help you launch and start earning much faster.

It includes all you need to start a new SaaS: ready-to-use AI Web Apps examples, a mail subscription form, payment integration, Supabase DB, user registration and auth, and SEO.

I’ve created guides and documentation to ensure a seamless start, and I’m available for support.

The project is currently in active development, hence, it is being improved and expanded rapidly.

Don’t hesitate — bring your ideas to life today!

Key Features of RunApp.Today: Nextjs WebApp boilerplate

– Payments: Integration with Gumroad or Stripe
– Email Collection: Form and integration for gathering emails. It can be used for launching waitlists or email lists.
– User Authentication and Registration via Supabase
– Tech stack: Next.js, React, TailwindCSS, Supabase for DB, file storage and Auth, Langchain and OpenAI API.
– Documentation and Guides: Straightforward and comprehensive instructions
– AI Integration: Ready-to-use OpenAI’s GPT integration. New ones are being added regularly.
– Support: Excellent and friendly support with a personal touch
– Updates: Continuous development and improvements. New exciting features are on the way!

RunApp.Today: Nextjs WebApp boilerplate Pricing Info

We offer three pricing options:
– Basic version: Available for $99 instead of $300 during the launch sale.
– Customized boilerplate: This option starts at $750. Please contact me for more details.
– Turnkey Web App: A highly customized, ready-to-use application. Prices start at $2500. The precise scope and price need to be discussed. Please contact me for more information.

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