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SaaS Validation Template

Ship & Host Your SaaS Super Fast


The Dome SaaS Validation Template is a robust and comprehensive boilerplate designed with Next.js and Tailwind. This all-in-one solution is perfect for your SaaS company, providing a fantastic development experience and a suitable launchpad for your online business. Enjoy the convenience of prebuilt components and the flexibility to customize them to your liking. Save time, enhance productivity, and deliver superior web experiences with the Dome SaaS Validation Template.

This boilerplate template is built specifically to launch your SaaS MVP project and comes with the core components you need, like a Landing Page, Countdown Timer, and Blog.

Spend your time focused on you go-to-market strategy and generating revenue instead of building your own authentication options, email integrations, and feedback tools. The Dome SaaS Validation Template comes pre-equipped with social login, magic link, and Next Auth for authentication, Mailgun for email, and Chatwoot, Papercups, and Crisp Chatbot for customer feedback.

Key Features of SaaS Validation Template

What’s included?

Core Components: Countdown Timer and Social Proof Integration
Frameworks: Next.js and Tailwind
Authentication: Social Login, Magic Link, NextAuth & Auth via Email
Subscription Integrations: Stripe + Lemon Squeezy
Customer Feedback Tool Integrations: Chatwoot & Papercups
Analytics Integration: HotJar, Google Analytics, Matomo, and Plausible.
Social Proof Integration: Testimonial platforms like Senja for enhanced credibility.
Additional Components: Top Banner, Flyout Menus, Hero, Feature, FAQ, Stats, Testimonials, Logo Clouds, CTA, Newsletter, Blog and Pricing Sections. About us, Team, and Pricing Pages.
SEO: Enhanced with meta tags

SaaS Validation Template Pricing Info

$119 with a year of the Dome Growth Plan for free with promocode `SAAS100`

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