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Ship your startup in days, iterate faster, start earning and repeat


This Blazor boilerplate can help you skip the boring stuff and let you jump to implementing the core business idea and start shipping your startup to market faster. It come with many important modules:
– auth
– stripe payment
– Documentation module
– Blog module
– user dashboard
– admin dashboard
– contact form
– contact page for admin to view
– well organized code structure
Any feedback is appreciated, I’m looking to make it better and more useful to everyone.

Key Features of ShipFast-ASP.NET

– User Auth: standard ASP.NET Core Identity
– Stripe payment: start charging customer now
– Documentation module: write user manual for your product
– Blog module: share your ideas with customers
– User dashboard: user login to see their product
– Admin dashboard: manage user, content etc
– Contact form: visitor can contact you on the website
– Contact page: for admin to view message

ShipFast-ASP.NET Pricing Info

$99 for a limit time. $149 without discount in the future.

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