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Build AI apps. Zero boilerplate headaches.


I tinkered around with lots of AI side projects in 2023 and found myself repeating the same legwork:

– Calling text and image generation models and storing the results in db
– Setting up vector search, generating embeddings
– Building front-end components for chats, generated content

Not to mention the dozens of hours spent building the rest of the stack – auth, payments, dashboard and landing, etc

So I built TemplateAI – a NextJS template to skip the boilerplate stuff and go straight to the fun AI features.

Key Features of TemplateAI

Everything you need to build full-stack, launch-friendly AI apps. Image generation, text generation, vector search, landing and dashboard pages, database, authentication, payments, styled components, SEO, and more.

TemplateAI Pricing Info

Lite version for free
Developer version for $99 (LAUNCH40 discount of $40)

Check it out

Check out TemplateAI