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Your SaaS Launchpad.


Veloz is an all in one SaaS starter kit for indie hackers who really want to get that idea of the ground in weeks not months.

Veloz offers a unique solution to launch your SaaS business with versatility in technology. Unlike typical SaaS boilerplates, we don’t limit you to a single framework or language. Enjoy the flexibility to use the language you’re comfortable with while getting the complete package for your SaaS journey.

Key Features of Veloz

– Language flexibility.
– Production ready
– Clean code
– 24/7 support community.

Veloz Pricing Info

Veloz don’t offer a pricing tier, we sell per kits purchased.
Once you’ve purchased one of veloz starter kit, you dont just get one kit, but any prebuilt related kit for that main kit which was purchased.
For eg, If I purchase Zeus, I get access to zeus-1.0, zeus-2.0 ..etc which can be different variants of zeus (Nextjs)
You get access to the documentation and prebuilt UI components which is protected by default and can only be used if you’re one of veloz customers.

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