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Hey, I'm Bren Kinfa 👋

I’m building SaaS Gems, the SaaS resource network where I share curated insights and resources for SaaS founders. Follow my journey and get notified when I release the next one!

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  • ExpoShip

    Ship your app in days, not weeks


    Next.js SaaS Boilerplate


    AI SaaS NextJS Boilerplate

  • Astro + Strapi Starter Kit

    Ship your SaaS, blog, or content websites faster 🚀

  • SvelteShip

    Ship your SvelteKit App without hassle using our boilerplate

  • Loopple Boilerplate Builder

    Next.js Boilerplate Builder - From Idea to Launch in Days, not Weeks

  • sveltepack

    The ultimate SvelteKit boilerplate that gives you the tools to go live quickly with your next online venture.

  • StartKit.AI

    Boilerplate for quickly building AI products

  • 31SaaS

    NextJs 14 boilerplate to build sleek and modern SaaS

  • OneMix by SaaS King

    The Best Remix Boilerplate

  • SaaS Rock

    Rock-solid Remix boilerplate to build your MVP with +25 built-in SaaS features: Auth, Admin portal, App dashboard, Stripe Subscriptions, Workflows, Blog, Knowledge Base, Entity Builder (auto-generated CRUD and API), Events, Email Marketing, Page Blocks, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, and more.

  • Indie Starter

    minimalistic well-crafted Nextjs Boilerplate

  • The Dev Starter

    The Dev Starter

  • Kitto

    The ultimate SaaS starter kit designed for developers.

  • Mossoai

    Ship your SAAS MVP in 20 days

  • Saasunderone

    A boilerplate that doesn't break the bank with everything you need and more.